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  1. Original article

    Towards digital photon counting cameras for single-molecule optical nanoscopy

    Optical nanoscopy based on separation of single molecules by stochastic switching and subsequent localization allows surpassing the diffraction limit of light. The growing pursuit towards live-cell imaging usi...

    Venkataraman Krishnaswami, Cornelis J F Van Noorden, Erik M M Manders and Ron A Hoebe

    Optical Nanoscopy 2014 3:1

    Published on: 18 March 2014

  2. Original article

    Light-sheet Bayesian microscopy enables deep-cell super-resolution imaging of heterochromatin in live human embryonic stem cells

    Heterochromatin in the nucleus of human embryonic cells plays an important role in the epigenetic regulation of gene expression. The architecture of heterochromatin and its dynamic organization remain elusive ...

    Ying S Hu, Quan Zhu, Keri Elkins, Kevin Tse, Yu Li, James A J Fitzpatrick, Inder M Verma and Hu Cang

    Optical Nanoscopy 2013 2:7

    Published on: 20 November 2013

  3. Original article

    Nanoscale elucidation of Na,K-ATPase isoforms in dendritic spines

    The dimensions of neuronal synapses suggest that optical super-resolution imaging methods are necessary for thorough investigation of protein distributions and interactions. Nanoscopic evaluation of neuronal s...

    Thomas Liebmann, Hans Blom, Anita Aperia and Hjalmar Brismar

    Optical Nanoscopy 2013 2:6

    Published on: 9 November 2013

  4. Original article

    Optical photon reassignment microscopy (OPRA)

    To enhance the resolution of a confocal laser scanning microscope the additional information of a pinhole plane image taken at every excitation scan position can be used (Sheppard 1988). This photon reassignme...

    Stephan Roth, Colin JR Sheppard, Kai Wicker and Rainer Heintzmann

    Optical Nanoscopy 2013 2:5

    Published on: 18 October 2013

  5. Original article

    A hydrophilic gel matrix for single-molecule super-resolution microscopy

    Novel microscopic techniques which bypass the resolution limit in light microscopy are becoming routinely established today. The higher spatial resolution of super-resolution microscopy techniques demands for ...

    Patrick JM Zessin, Carmen L Krüger, Sebastian Malkusch, Ulrike Endesfelder and Mike Heilemann

    Optical Nanoscopy 2013 2:4

    Published on: 10 September 2013

  6. Original article

    Resolving the spatial relationship between intracellular components by dual color super resolution optical fluctuations imaging (SOFI)

    Multi-color super-resolution (SR) imaging microscopy techniques can resolve ultrastructural relationships between- and provide co-localization information of- different proteins inside the cell or even within ...

    Maria Elena Gallina, Jianmin Xu, Thomas Dertinger, Adva Aizer, Yaron Shav-Tal and Shimon Weiss

    Optical Nanoscopy 2013 2:2

    Published on: 25 February 2013

  7. Original article

    Tip induced fluorescence quenching for nanometer optical and topographical resolution

    Progress in nanosciences and life sciences is closely related to developments of high resolution imaging techniques. We introduce a technique which produces correlated topography and fluorescence lifetime imag...

    Olaf Schulz, Zhao Zhao, Alex Ward, Marcelle Koenig, Felix Koberling, Yan Liu, Jörg Enderlein, Hao Yan and Robert Ros

    Optical Nanoscopy 2013 2:1

    Published on: 21 February 2013

  8. Original article

    Blind assessment of localisation microscope image resolution

    This paper analyses the resolution achieved in localisation microscopy experiments. The resolution is an essential metric for the correct interpretation of super-resolution images, but it varies between specim...

    Eric J Rees, Miklos Erdelyi, Dorothea Pinotsi, Alex Knight, Daniel Metcalf and Clemens F Kaminski

    Optical Nanoscopy 2012 1:12

    Published on: 10 December 2012

  9. Original article

    Low-dose three-dimensional hard x-ray imaging of bacterial cells

    We have imaged the three-dimensional density distribution of unstained and unsliced, freeze-dried cells of the gram-positive bacterium Deinococcus radiodurans by tomographic x-ray propagation microscopy, i.e. pro...

    Matthias Bartels, Marius Priebe, Robin N Wilke, Sven P Krüger, Klaus Giewekemeyer, Sebastian Kalbfleisch, Christian Olendrowitz, Michael Sprung and Tim Salditt

    Optical Nanoscopy 2012 1:10

    Published on: 30 November 2012

  10. Original article

    Novel red fluorophores with superior performance in STED microscopy

    In optical microscopy, most red-emitting dyes provide only moderate performance due to unspecific binding, poor labeling efficiency, and insufficient brightness. Here we report on four novel red fluororescent ...

    Christian A Wurm, Kirill Kolmakov, Fabian Göttfert, Haisen Ta, Mariano Bossi, Heiko Schill, Sebastian Berning, Stefan Jakobs, Gerald Donnert, Vladimir N Belov and Stefan W Hell

    Optical Nanoscopy 2012 1:7

    Published on: 28 September 2012

  11. Original article

    A novel nanoscopic tool by combining AFM with STED microscopy

    We present a new instrument for nanoscopic investigations by coupling an atomic force microscope (AFM) with a super resolution stimulated emission depletion (STED) microscope. This nanoscopic tool allows high ...

    Benjamin Harke, Jenu Varghese Chacko, Heiko Haschke, Claudio Canale and Alberto Diaspro

    Optical Nanoscopy 2012 1:3

    Published on: 19 June 2012

  12. Original article

    SOFI-based 3D superresolution sectioning with a widefield microscope

    Fluorescence-based biological imaging has been revolutionized by the recent introduction of superresolution microscopy methods. 3D superresolution microscopy, however, remains a challenge as its implementation...

    Thomas Dertinger, Jianmin Xu, Omeed Foroutan Naini, Robert Vogel and Shimon Weiss

    Optical Nanoscopy 2012 1:2

    Published on: 25 April 2012

  13. Original article

    Mapping molecular statistics with balanced super-resolution optical fluctuation imaging (bSOFI)

    Super-resolution optical fluctuation imaging (SOFI) achieves 3D super-resolution by computing temporal cumulants or spatio-temporal cross-cumulants of stochastically blinking fluorophores. In contrast to local...

    Stefan Geissbuehler, Noelia L Bocchio, Claudio Dellagiacoma, Corinne Berclaz, Marcel Leutenegger and Theo Lasser

    Optical Nanoscopy 2012 1:4

    Published on: 25 April 2012

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