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Table 1 Photoconversion efficiencies and colocalization fractions for the three fusion constructs investigated in this work

From: Identification of the factors affecting co-localization precision for quantitative multicolor localization microscopy

Fused fluorophore pair First fluorophore efficiency Second fluorophore efficiency Colocalization fraction (% of minority species)
Dronpa-mEos2 n.d. 53% 13%
PSCFP2-mEos2 23% 53% 0%
PSCFP2-PAMCherry1 28% 58% 15%
  1. Colocalization fraction is defined as the number of fluorophore pairs falling within a 200 nm radius in a diluted sample. For constructs with mEos2 colocalization fraction will depend on the number of localized mEos2 molecules.