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Figure 3

From: A high-density 3D localization algorithm for stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy

Figure 3

3D STORM image of the outer plexiform layer of mouse retina labeled with the ConA – Alexa-647 conjugate. (A) A single frame of the STORM data with localizations identified by the sparse emitter analysis algorithm (SEA.1) overlaid as red ovals. (B) Same as A except that the localization were identified using the 3D-DAOSTORM algorithm. (C) STORM image resulting from analysis with the sparse emitter analysis algorithm. The z-coordinates of the localizations are color-coded according to the colored scale bar. (D) STORM image of the same area resulting from analysis with the 3D-DAOSTORM algorithm. (E) A zoom in of the area indicated by the white box in C. (F) A zoom in of the same area in D. (G) Cross-section profile of the image areas in outlined in E and F by the red box with the letter "g" next to it. (H-I) Same as G for the areas indicated by red lines in C and D with a letter "h" (H) and "i" (I) next to them. (J-K) XZ cross-section images of the area in C and D indicated by the letter "j" (J) and "k" (K), respectively. Scale bars: 1 um in A and B, 4 um in C and D, 500 nm in E and F, 100 nm in J and K.

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