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Figure 2

From: A high-density 3D localization algorithm for stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy

Figure 2

2D STORM images of mouse retina and cortex labeled with lectin – Alexa-647 conjugates. (A-D) Images are centered on the outer plexiform layer (OPL) of the retina and oriented such that the outer nuclear layer (ONL) are to the right and the inner nuclear layer (INL) is to the left. (A) PNA. (B) PHA-L lectin. (C) WGA lectin. (D) ConA lectin. (E) Cross-section profile of the region indicated by the small red rectangle with the "e" next to it in the upper part of (D). The two membranes are separated by a distance of 53 nm and have a width of ~35 nm as determined by multi-Gaussian fitting. (F) Image of a cortex region stained with ConA. All images were taken from lectin labeled tissue sections that are 50 nm thick. Scale bars: 1 μm.

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